How to choose home gym equipment

What are your fitness goals?

Decide what you want from strength training. Do you want to change your body shape, get a stronger body, or build larger muscles? If you’re looking for strength, make sure you’ve got a wide range of weights with your home gym – up to 80kg will be useful. If you’re toning and shaping, a wide range of exercises is more important, so look for low pulleys, lat bars, and pec decks.

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Conditioning and strength training

What is the difference between conditioning and strength training?

Conditioning is all about making sure that you are in the best condition to undertake whatever athletic performance you need to undertake. It emphasizes endurance and stamina which are so important to keep up a high level of athletic performance.

The type of conditioning will very much depend on what sport you are involved in and what the energy demands of that sport are.

Strength as you might guess is all about making sure you are as strong as you can be for whatever sport you are involved in. Continue reading →